How Nella Works


Women understand the discomfort that accompanies routine pelvic exams. Nella is a totally different, brand-new way to experience pelvic exams. Forget the cold, harsh metal speculum or plastic, breakable speculums. Nella is easy, stress-free and designed with a patient’s comfort in mind.

The Nella Difference

  • IMGMade for Women by Women
  • IMGSlim Shape for Comfort
  • IMGSmooth Material for Easy Insertion
  • IMGNeutral, Quiet Operation
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Did you know?

  • 9 out of 10 women experience anxiety

    before or during their pelvic exam.

  • 85% of women report discomfort

    during or after a routine OB-GYN exam.

  • The metal speculum’s cold temperature

    is it’s most disliked feature, followed by size, look, and feel.

My Experience from Both Ends of the Vaginal Speculum

The Nella Vaginal Speculum is a GAME CHANGER for both patients and clinicians. It puts patients at ease and gives them a more comfortable exam experience. And, as a menopause patient myself, it truly makes my exams super comfortable and pain-free.

Tracy L. Bennett, MD
Chief medical officer
NELLA by Ceek Women’s Health

nella is a game changer

99% of all women prefer Nella over a metal speculum.

Nella was built by doctors, nurse practioners, and midwives.

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Nella is for Every one

Gen Z + Millennials

With its temperature-neutral material, Nella is more comfortable and less intimidating than traditional metal speculums, which can help ease anxiety around exams and allows for more control over young women's sexual and reproductive health.

Pregnant women

The Nella speculum is less likely to cause discomfort during pregnancy. It also allows for easier monitoring with a wider and clearer view of the cervix and vaginal walls, which can help healthcare providers follow the pregnancy more closely.

Postpartum women

Nella's wider and clearer view of the cervix and vaginal walls can help healthcare providers monitor postpartum healing and identify any potential issues more easily.

Menopausal women

We use temperature-neutral plastic materials to makes pelvic exams more comfortable, specifically for perimenopausal women experiencing increased levels of dryness and sensitivity.