Designed by Women

Backed by OBGYNS

Patient Preferred

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Named TIME Magazine invention of the year, Nella is the first modern speculum that takes the fear out of pelvic exams.

Designed by Women

Backed by OBGYNS

Patient Preferred

99% of Women Prefer Nella

Nella Has Been Used On More Than One Million Women

  • Slim
  • Silent
  • Smooth
  • Not Cold
  • Narrow as a Tampon

Comfort & Cleanliness In Every Way

Peace Out Cold Exam Room Floors and Stirrups.

What’s almost as bad as freezing cold OBGYN tools like speculums? Freezing cold exam floors. That's why we created the Nella Comfort Kit. When you purchase a pair of our cozy socks, we'll throw in a free disposable speculum just for you. We'll even deliver this feel-good package straight to your healthcare provider's office in time for your next appointment. Why do you want a speculum used on you that over 1,000 other women used?

A Comfortable Speculum + Comfy Socks = Stress-Free Visit to Your Healthcare Provider.

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Why All Women Deserve Nella

Opening up to your OBGYN is hard, Nella is here to help.

Take the anxiety out of your pelvic exams with Nella. Designed by women for women, The NELLA speculum is smoother, slim as a tampon, quiet and less painful than traditional metal and plastic speculums. It slides in and out of your vagina and cervix easily, so you can get checked out, screened for cervical cancer, and back to your life. Opening up to your OBGYN is hard. We’re here to help.



What is Nella?

Introducing the MODERN Speculum

After almost 200 years of hard, painful metal; and nearly 50 years of breakable plastic; the speculum has been reimagined by Nella founder, Fahti Khosrowshahi.

She’s shaping a new experience for the modern pelvic exam with a patient’s comfort in mind.

Nella is made of smooth material, its temperature-neutral— meaning its not cold and its silent. The goal of Nella is to make your annual exam less stressful. Less painful. Ask your doctor about Nella today.

<span>1</span> <p>Traditional  Speculum</p> <span>1</span> <p>Traditional  Speculum</p>


Traditional Speculum

  • Metal or breakable disposable plastic
  • Cold to the touch
  • Hard edges
  • Wide design
  • Unpleasant clanging sound


Nella Speculum

  • Comfortable, medical-grade polymer
  • Temperature-neutral
  • Smooth
  • Narrow as a tampon
  • Quiet operation
<span>2</span> <p>Nella Speculum</p> <span>2</span> <p>Nella Speculum</p>


Designed by women for women, Nella is a totally different, totally new way to take on pelvic exams. Forget the cold, harsh metal speculum. Nella is made of temperature-neutral polymer and features a smoother, ergonomic shape that glides right in. Nella is easy, stress-free and designed with a patient’s comfort in mind. 

Did you know?

The vaginal speculum was developed by J. Marion Sims, a plantation doctor. Between 1845 and 1849, Sims perfomed dozens of surgeries, without anesthesia, on at least 12 enslaved women. Recognized for years as the father of gynecology, his statue was finally removed from Central Park in 2018.


J. Marion Sims, a plantation doctor, created the first vaginal speculum.

1845 – 1849

Sims performed dozens of surgeries without anesthesia on at least 12 enslaved women.


Plastic speculums featuring the same shape as the metal versions come to market


Fahti Khosrowshahi of Ceek Women’s Health designs Nella to bring innovation and comfort to the pelvic exam.

Nella is driven by a deep commitment to patient comfort and progress. It represents a turning point in how pelvic exams, including pap smears, are conducted, placing the patient’s well-being at the forefront.

Nella seeks to alleviate the discomfort to the vaginal wall often associated with traditional OBGYN tools. Its ergonomic design ensures a more gentle and pleasant experience, enabling women to take control of their health without unnecessary pain or anxiety.

The Nella speculum is a sign of a new era of progress, compassion, and comfort, reshaping the narrative of pelvic exams. Through innovations like Nella, we can forge a future where every woman feels respected and valued throughout her healthcare journey.


You've got questions, we've got answers.

Check out information about Nella below, or ask our representative at for more information.

How to Ask Your Doctor About Nella

At Nella, we support you every step of the way, from starting the conversation with your provider to delivering your Nella to their clinic. 

To make the conversation easier, we’ve developed a practical discussion guide that addresses your concerns and prompts the discussion. You can download and print the guide or take a screenshot and bring it to your appointment. You can also email the guide directly to your healthcare provider. 

It’s time to take charge of your healthcare with Nella. Let us help you start the conversation and ensure your comfort during pelvic exams.

Can I buy Nella if I am not a healthcare provider?

Yes, you can purchase our Comfort Kit.  The Comfort Kit has one disposable specula, along with a pair of socks to wear during your exam (and many moments at home afterwards).  The Comfort Kit will be sent to your clinician’s office, so please add in the shipping address of your healthcare provider at checkout.

What if the Comfort Kit does not arrive at my clinician’s office before my appointment?

We will do everything in our means to get the Comfort Kit to your clinicians’ office for you exam. If for some reason due to shipping or a lost package that is out of our control, we will rectify this with you. Please contact our customer support team for refund guidance.

How does Nella Work?

A speculum is a medical tool used during gynecological exams to help open the vaginal canal so that the healthcare provider can examine the cervix and vaginal walls. The speculum is inserted into the vagina and then gently opened to provide a clear view of the cervix. Nella is a single-use, disposable device that is made of plastic. To use a Nella speculum, the healthcare provider first lubricates it with a water-based lubricant. Then, the speculum is inserted into the vagina and gently opened by squeezing the handles together. Once the speculum is open, the healthcare provider can examine the cervix and vaginal walls using a light and a swab. After the exam is complete, the speculum is removed from the vagina by releasing the handles and gently pulling it out. The Nella speculum is then disposed of in accordance with medical waste disposal regulations.

I don’t go to the GYNO anymore because I am too old, but is NELLA for my age?

We at Nella think all women should see their medical providers, regardless of age. But Nella isn't just for you. It's for your daughters, and your granddaughters, or your friend's daughter. It's for all women who care about women's health and the need for its evolution. Because it's about time we deserve modernized healthcare. Is this made of plastic? Plastic speculums hurt me just as much as metal. Our team of engineers have worked diligently to find the right material that is durable, smooth and strong. Try it and let us know what you think!

Does Nella Take the Pain Away from A Procedure I May Have?

Nella will not take the pain away from any procedure, whether its an IUD insertion, Biopsy, etc.  But Nella will make it far more comfortable for you during the exam.

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