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Comfort Kit

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Take control of your GYNO comfort

Show up to your OB/GYN exam with the products you need to ease your anxiety and make you more comfortable.

You now have control over what your gynecologist uses on your body

Our hope is that by purchasing the Nella Comfort Kit, women who have anxiety and pain at the OBGYN now have some control over their exam




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A modern speculum designed for women’s comfort.


The TIME Magazine Invention of the Year.

The word is out . . .

Halle Berry,

Academy Award winning actress, and rē•spin founder, on how she plans to use Nella.

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The Nella speculum
Award-winning and designed for comfort: Disposable, quiet, slim, smooth.

A pair of cozy socks
(peace out, freezing stirrups)

Vaginal wipes
(we’ve all been there with nothing to use to wipe that lube off)

And a stress ball. 




  1. Order a Comfort Kit.
  2. The Kit shows up at your door. (Cheer!)
  3. Hand the Kit to your doctor.
    (Keep the socks and stress ball they’re yours!) 
  4. Clinician disposes of the Nella Speculum (it’s one-time use)
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the comfort kit is for Everyone

The Nella Comfort Kit is right for you—at every life stage. Because all women deserve better healthcare.  

IMG Your mother had no choice in speculums. You do. And whether you’re off to college soon or this is your first time visiting the OB/GYN, you deserve to be comfortable! A Nella Comfort Kit helps ease anxieties with its speculum designed for your body. GET THE KIT
IMG Every 2 minutes, a woman dies from ovarian cancer. But catch this cancer early, and it’s highly treatable. But every woman needs a Pap smear yearly. Make your pap a priority comfortable with The Nella Comfort Kit. GET THE KIT
IMG You deserve an exam with tools that minimize pain and protect you against feeling violated or vulnerable. A Nella Comfort Kit puts the control in your hands, delivering a slim, silent, made-for- your-body speculum to your door. GET THE KIT
IMG Ninety percent get nervous about these exams. Ease anxiety by taking comfort into your own hands. What gives us anxiety? The sound of the speculum, the cold metal speculum, the flimsy plastic speculum. The Nella speculum eliminates those issues. Nella is quiet, not cold, and durable. GET THE KIT
IMG Pregnant? You and your OB/GYN are about to be BFFs. Or, the kids are bigger, the career is thriving, and life is busy (so busy!). Haven’t seen your OB/GYN in a few years? A Nella Comfort Kit makes getting checked out comfortably and back to your day easier. Mom of a teen? Order a Comfort Kit and give your daughter—and yourself—peace of mind for checkups. GET THE KIT
IMG Vaginal dryness, insomnia, hot flashes ... oh hi, menopause. What you don’t need is a painful OB/GYN exam. Order a Nella Comfort Kit and keep yourself comfortable with a slim, smooth speculum designed for your body. GET THE KIT
of women will return to an OB if they used the NELLA SPEC* (September 22. Patient survey n=2000)

What is Nella?

Introducing the MODERN Speculum

After nearly 200 years of hard, painful metal, the speculum has been reimagined by Nella founder, Fahti Khosrowshahi.

She’s shaping a new experience for the modern pelvic exam with a patient’s comfort in mind.

Nella is made of medical-grade polymer that’s smooth and temperature-neutral— meaning no lubricant or warming is required. Make your annual exam less stressful. Less painful. Ask your doctor about Nella today.

<p>The Traditional  Speculum</p> <p>The Traditional  Speculum</p>

The Traditional Speculum

  • Metal or brittle,
    disposable plastic
  • Cold to the touch
  • Hard edges
  • Wide design
  • Unpleasant clanging sound


The Nella Speculum

  • Comfortable, medical-grade polymer
  • Temperature-neutral
  • Smooth
  • Narrow as a tampon
  • Quiet operation
<p>The Nella Speculum</p> <p>The Nella Speculum</p>

Did you know the traditional speculum is 200 years old? 


You've got questions, we've got answers.

Check out information about Nella below, or ask our representative at for more information.

Nella FAQs

You've got questions, we've got answers.
Check out information about Nella below, or ask our representative Customer Service.

How does the Comfort Kit work?

The Nella Comfort Kit is ordered online by you, shipped to your home, and you bring it to your next exam. Inside the Kit is everything you and your doctor need for the checkup: the award-winning, disposable Nella speculum designed for comfort (used only once and disposed), cozy socks for those cold, dirty stirrups, a stress ball, and vaginal wipes (ever been left looking for something to wipe that lube off after the exam?). For your clinician, there are also easy steps inside the Kit all about how to use the NELLA speculum.  

How do I talk to my doctor when I bring the Kit to the exam?

Start the conversation with your doctor by showing them the Kit and letting them know that a comfortable pelvic exam is important to you. In fact, it’s so important that you brought your own comfortable speculum! Here are some other ways to open the discussion:

  • 90 percent of women get anxious about pelvic exams. I’m one of them.
  • Traditional speculums hurt me/make me bleed. Nella is as slim as a tampon.
  • I don’t like how uncomfortable traditional speculums are. Nella is much easier to insert. 
  • I want an exam that’s easy and comfortable. I know Nella will help.
What’s in the Kit?

Each Kit comes with:

  • A Nella Kind Single-Use Vaginal Speculums
  • One pair of soft socks (peace out, freezing metal stirrups and exam floor)
  • One stress ball (squeeze the worries away)
  • One packet of lubricant for your clinician to use during the exam
  • One vaginal wipe for use after your exam
  • Instruction sheet for your clinician
How do I get my clinician to use the comfort kit?

Show your OB/GYN the Comfort Kit and give them the instruction card inside the box. It includes detailed instructions and illustrations for your clinician about how to use Nella. It's a simple instruction card (remember they are trained on using speculums, Nella is a speculum, but with modern designs for improved comfort). No clinician should refuse to use the Nella Speculum on you. It’s your vagina and your comfort.

I’ve experienced terrible anxiety when it comes to pelvic exams, will this help?

You’re not alone! 90 percent of women feel anxious before and during their pelvic exams and approximately 27 percent of all women in the US have not seen their OB/GYN in the last three years. By purchasing the Nella Comfort Kit, we’re hoping that women everywhere, but especially women who have anxiety and pain, will feel like you can take charge of your pelvic exam. When you show up to your appointment with a Kit, it tells your healthcare provider loud and clear that you need something better. The Nella Comfort Kit is a solution designed by women for women with the goal of empowering all of us to put the control over our own healthcare back in our hands. Literally.

Are you sure if I buy this my clinician will use it?

No clinician should refuse to use the Nella Speculum on you. It’s your vagina and your comfort.

Can I buy Nella if I am not a healthcare provider?

Yes, you can purchase our comfort kit to bring to your next OBGYN appointment. The Comfort Kit has one disposable specula, along with a pair of socks to wear during your exam (and many moments at home afterwards).

In the kit: Is the speculum clean or sanitary for the clinician to use?

The Nella Speculum featured in the Comfort Kit is manufactured clean and is packaged individually consistent with the speculum used in hospitals and clinics

Do I bring the speculum home after the exam?

Nope! The Nella speculum in the Comfort Kit is single use, so your clinician should toss it once they’re done with your exam.

How does Nella Work?

A speculum is a medical tool used during gynecological exams to help open the vaginal canal so that the healthcare provider can examine the cervix and vaginal walls. The speculum is inserted into the vagina and then gently opened to provide a clear view of the cervix. Nella is a single-use, disposable device that is made of plastic. To use a Nella speculum, the healthcare provider first lubricates it with a water-based lubricant. Then, the speculum is inserted into the vagina and gently opened by squeezing the handles together. Once the speculum is open, the healthcare provider can examine the cervix and vaginal walls using a light and a swab. After the exam is complete, the speculum is removed from the vagina by releasing the handles and gently pulling it out. The Nella speculum is then disposed of in accordance with medical waste disposal regulations.

I don’t go to the GYNO anymore because I am too old, but is NELLA for my age?

We at Nella think all women should see their medical providers, regardless of age. But Nella isn't just for you. It's for your daughters, and your granddaughters, or your friend's daughter. It's for all women who care about women's health and the need for its evolution. Because it's about time we deserve modernized healthcare. Is this made of plastic? Plastic speculums hurt me just as much as metal. Our team of engineers have worked diligently to find the right material that is durable, smooth and strong. Try it and let us know what you think!

Does Nella Take the Pain Away from A Procedure I May Have?

Nella will not take the pain away from any procedure, whether its an IUD insertion, Biopsy, etc.  But Nella will make it far more comfortable for you during the exam.

How do I ask my clinician to switch to Nella?

Visit our Talk To Your Doctor page on our website to learn how to speak to your doctor about switching to Nella