A Letter from Our Founder

Launching the Nella Comfort Kit was not on our list when we first started the company to modernize foundational care provided to women in their routine exams. We have realized it’s not only products used in gynecological care that are antiquated (like the speculum), but it’s the entire system providing healthcare to women that needs to change. The metal speculum was invented 175 years ago and has had little change; it was “modernized” to plastic in 1970. Since then, no new updates until the Nella Speculum. Nella is the first and only speculum designed for women’s comfort. It's narrow (like a tampon), it's quiet, it's not cold and it's durable. We are giving women access to OBGYN comfort in the form of The Nella Comfort Kit. At Nella, we are a small team of women, responding to a gigantic issue, and since very few are advocating for us within the system, we’re attempting to change it from the outside with small items designed to have a big impact on your experience in the exam room. The cheap plastic speculum used on women has broken during pelvic exams numerous times (FDA MAUDE database). Clinicians say they care about patient comfort “they have a technique that does not hurt women,” or “they heat the speculum to make it warm,” but heat is a fertile ground for bacteria and a JCAHO violation. Also, cost has become the primary driver of care and in the process WE as WOMEN suffer. We certainly sell our speculum to hospitals, offices, and clinics across the USA, but it was patients themselves approaching us and wanting NELLA at their next exam that instigated the process to do our diligence to launch the Nella Comfort Kit. We did a blinded survey of thousands of women to see if women wanted to purchase their own speculum. The data showed us that close to 90% of patients have some type of anxiety before or during their pelvic exam, but that level of anxiety is close to 100% in patients who have a history of sexual trauma. Also, women with history of infertility, history of GYN cancer – speculum exams are extremely painful in these patients. And approximately 27% of all women in the US have not seen their clinician in the last 3-years. Our hope is that by purchasing the Nella Comfort Kit, women who have anxiety and pain now have some control over their exam. By purchasing the Nella Comfort Kit they are telling their clinicians that they need something better. The Nella Comfort Kit is a solution designed by women for women with the goal of empowering all of us to put the control back in our hands, literally. We appreciate your voice in helping us advocate for a drastic change in women’s healthcare. It's time women deserve healthcare designed for their comfort. Sincerely, Fahti p.s. I'd love to hear from you. Submit questions to be below and I will personally answer them. We're in this together.