5 Reasons to Switch to Nella Speculum

5 Reasons to Switch to Nella Speculum

Gynecological exams have long been a source of discomfort and fear for women, largely due to the use of speculums made from cold metal or hard plastic. These traditional tools, often seen as intimidating, can be unsettling and cause pain, making the necessary visits an uncomfortable experience. 

In response to this issue, Fahti Khosrowshahi from Ceek Women’s Health set out to transform the experience with the development of the Nella Speculum. Designed with patient comfort at its core, Nella is a groundbreaking innovation in women’s health, empowering patients to approach pelvic exams with confidence and less anxiety. 

Explore five reasons to switch to this modern speculum tool that promises a more comfortable and less fearful exam experience.

Feel More Comfortable During Exams

The Nella is designed by women for women to help you feel more at ease and physically safe during a pelvic exam or Pap smear. The Nella has a special design that differentiates it from other medical devices used in women’s health. Here’s how it can make you more comfortable:

  • Slim design. The Nella is made from a soft, body-friendly material that feels gentle, reducing the discomfort that can come from more rigid materials like traditional metal or hard plastic. 
  • Temperature neutral. You won’t experience the unpleasant shock of a cold speculum; Nella’s material is designed to avoid extreme temperatures for a more comfortable touch.
  • Firm yet flexible. Designed for minimal invasiveness, its slim, tampon-sized profile makes it more comfortable and less intimidating than traditional speculums.
  • Quiet operation. The Nella operates silently, eliminating the noise that can make an exam feel more clinical and stressful, contributing to a more relaxed environment.

Easier and Less Awkward Exams

How often do you need a pelvic exam depends on your age, reproductive health and family history. These routine exams require your provider to physically and visually examine the vaginal canal, Pap smears for cervical health or assessments for infertility treatment, making them vital to your well-being.

However, these exams can be awkward for some women. Some 41.8% patients in one study reported feeling embarrassed during a gynecological procedure. This is often due to the intimate nature of the exam, concerns about discomfort or pain and feelings of vulnerability or exposure.

The Nella can help you have a less awkward exam experience. Due to its design, your provider can perform the exam with greater comfort and precision. The Nella can also help you feel more at ease since you have more control over the process and know what to expect.

Spend Less Time in the Exam Room

With Nella, you can expect to spend less time in the exam room, streamlining the entire process. Its user-friendly design enables your OB/GYN to conduct exams more efficiently and with greater ease, reducing the appointment duration.

So, how does a speculum work? Nella’s slim profile and ergonomic features facilitate quicker insertion and adjustment, saving time for patients and providers. By minimizing unnecessary delays and maximizing efficiency, the Nella vaginal speculum ensures that you can get in and out of the exam room faster, allowing you to resume your daily activities with minimal disruption.

Get Clearer, Quicker Results

When it comes to your health, getting quick and accurate results is crucial. Pelvic exams can help detect conditions like cervical cancer and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), for which prompt intervention can mean the difference between life and death. 

For instance, the 5-year survival rate for cervical cancer is 91% if identified early but drops to 60% if the condition has spread. Knowing how to prepare for your Pap smear, for example, by using an advanced speculum, can help you get quicker and more accurate results to protect your well-being. 

Nella’s precision-engineered design boosts visualization during exams, ensuring your provider can obtain clear and accurate results more efficiently. It also comes with an LED light, offering increased visibility. 

Its ergonomic features enable swift maneuverability, allowing for faster examination of the vaginal walls without compromising accuracy. This can mean reduced wait times for results, providing prompt feedback and peace of mind.

Enjoy a Cleaner, Safer Experience

Traditional speculums pose cleanliness concerns due to their reusable nature, potentially harboring bacteria and pathogens between uses. This raises the risk of infections or cross-contamination during exams. 

The Nella addresses these concerns with its disposable design, ensuring a cleaner and safer experience. Made from premium, durable polycarbonate material, the disposable speculum eliminates the risk of scratching or breaking inside a patient, increasing safety. 

It is a single-use speculum that your provider can throw away after the exam, offering a superior, hygienic and stress-free examination every time.

Get the Nella for Your Next Exam

Switching to Nella can provide a new type of pelvic exam experience. With its ease of use and practical yet comfortable design, Nella can help you feel less anxiety, embarrassment and fear while taking care of your reproductive health.

Order the Comfort Kit to your home or physician’s office to get the Nella for your next exam. It comes with the speculum tool and fluffy socks for added coziness. You can also find a provider who already uses Nella to make an appointment or refer your provider to us to help them get it in their clinic.
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