is the first reusable and single-use modern specula that’s better for patients and doctors alike.

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About The Nella Specula

Nella® is the first reusable and single use specula designed for the ultimate in patient comfort.

Improved Cervical Visibility 

Integrated sidewall retractors retain lax or redundant vaginal sidewall tissue.

A Modern, Gentle Speculum

  • Ultra narrow bill
  • Smooth, temperature-neutral material
  • Quiet operation

Ergonomic Efficient Design

  • Angled handle
  • One-handed locking
  • Easy reprocessing


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THe Nella KIND Reusable Speculum

The first reusable speculum designed for comfort and efficiency.

  • Designed for patient comfort
  • Patient Preferred
  • Narrow Bills, Quiet Operation
  • Temperature Neutral Material
  • Innovative Design: integrated sidewall retractors provide a gentle 4-way opening
  • Made from strong, autoclavable polymer
  • Proven efficacy and safety demonstrated in The Violet Study
  • Smooth material does not require lubrication
  • No disassembly required for sterilization
  • SKU management (reduction in SKU as it’s a one-size-fits-most)

The Nella KIND single-use Speculum

A single-use speculum that improves both patient and doctor experience.

  • Quiet Operation to help reduce patient anxiety.
  • Narrow bills for a more comfortable patient experience.
  • Integrated sidewall retractors for improved cervical visualization and access.
  • One-size fits most, for simpler SKU Management.
  • Integrated LED light on the upper bill for direct illumination of the vaginal walls and cervix without the risk of blocking due to blood and fluid.
  • Made from a strong, premium material to help improve patient safety.
  • Ergonomically designed for clinicians

Nella NEXT Single-Use Speculum

  • NEXT is a new take on the traditional-valve speculum with a wider aperture opening, and a bill size that caters to a broader patient population​
  • The aperture of NEXT is 10 mm wider than other speculums, allowing for more tool space for procedures
  • QUIET The speculum is whisper-soft and reduces patients’ anxiety during exams and procedures.​
  • COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR PATIENT NEEDS Addresses the needs of patients without having to use multiple speculums.​
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHT SOURCE ON THE UPPER BILL Nella features an integrated LED light on its upper bill. The light maximizes illumination, solving the problem of blood and fluids collecting in the bottom bill and blocking the light source. ​
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN 101-degree handle fits perfectly into a clinician’s hand and can be easily operated with only one hand for convenient, comfortable procedures.


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Safety meets visibility for a patient-first experience.


The shadow free, modern vaginal speculum light.


90% of women experience Pelvic Exam Anxiety.

We can help you help them. 


Benefits of Nella for your practice 

The Nella Advantage Over Traditional Disposable Speculum




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